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  • Compact Size and 300M Ribbon Capacity
  • Easy Media & Ribbon Loading
  • Multiple Communication Interfaces
  • A Variety Of Paper Sensor System For Diverse Applications
  • Ribbon Wound Ink-Side Out Or Ink-Side In Available
  • Printing Speed 5 Ips, Standard Memory Of 4MB FLASH & 8MB SDRAM
  • Module Design & Easy Maintenance
  • Four Auto-Calibration Modes
  • Printing Noise Improved
  • Supports 1D/GS1 Data bar, 2D/Composite Codes & QR Barcodes, And Windows True Type Font Download Available
  • Easy Maintenance : Tool-Free Print Head & Roller
  • Faster Network Connection And Printing, Not More “Printing Missing"

    The built-in 100M/10M Base-T network interface card can provide faster network connection and printing, eliminate delay time and modify the program to print all receipts, providing better compatibility for a wider range of applications.


  • Support WAN Printing

    Supports printing via LAN router connected to WAN.


  • Support Network Auto-Reconnect After Disconnect

    Supports auto-connect function after network disconnected.


  • Built-In Web-IP Tools

    Users can automatically change the IP address, ID address, gateway, subnet mask, check the printer status and obtain a dynamic IP address through Web-IP without installing an IP tool, providing a more friendly operation interface.


  • Support Black Mark Sensor.

    User can select the black mark position on the right, left, and center of the paper.


  • Printer status monitoring

    Monitor the top cover status, paper status, paper cutter failure status and button status.
    Monitor printing status, task competing status and pending task status.
    Monitor printer network connection status - Turn it ON or OFF by sending commands.

  • Fast, Reliable, Easy To Configure And Supports All The Leading Windows Operating Systems
  • ESC/POS Command Sets Compatible
  • Interface: USB + RS232 Serial Port
  • High Printing Speed: 200mm/sec
  • Support Windows 32/64bits / Linux
  • Enable your B2B customer to order at anytime 24x7 from anywhere.
  • Provide your sales rep with timely information & capture order instantly
  • Enable seamless integration of Boostorder with your ERP/Accounting software
  • Interface to any POS terminal
  • Metal Casing
  • Solenoid unit with 12V or 24V, optional micro switch
  • Standard modular 6-pin RJ11/RJ12 connector